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Providing your business with a bespoke telephone system incorporating a comprehensive range of features enabling you and your employees to work from home, on the road or work from anywhere! Why Merlin is best for homeworking and remote working Most traditional phone systems are both expensive and difficult to set up for remote working, that is, if they can be utilised at all. Cloud based phone systems, work brilliantly just because of the way they are set up.  You can connect from anywhere using broadband, Wi-Fi or 4G. No complicated set up or installation. This is how Merlin Cloud makes

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Make it easy to manage costs and simplify business operations with a consolidated calls and lines package

Merlin offers a wide range of call tariffs and line rental solutions tailored to provide competitive rates for the numbers you ring the most. We can help you increase your visibility of call costs across your organisation and provide you with clear, easy to understand billing.

Switching to Merlin is very simple – just provide us with a copy of a recent bill and we will arrange for your calls to be transferred to Merlin within 10 working days. This process will be entirely seamless and there is no need to change phone numbers or equipment.

Merlin will fully manage every aspect of the installation process from start to finish, including liaising with third party suppliers as required.

The pace of technological change is constant, but making and receiving calls to connect with colleagues, partners and customers remains as important as ever.

While hosted and cloud phone systems are transforming business telephony, ISDN and analogue telephone lines continue to represent a suitable solution for many.

Perfect for those with limited internet connectivity, Merlin can equip your office with a reliable and cost-effective phone service, with a range of line types, back-up options and excellent value call charges.

And thanks to excellent relationships with a range of market-leading suppliers, including Openreach, we can manage your line installations with minimum disruption.

Let's make it easy for you.

For your new or replacement phone system for your business, all we need is 60 seconds of your time, and let us do the rest.

We’ll offer you the best advice, with no obligation.  We even offer a month’s trial before you proceed.

Merlin Cloud’s systems are full of features and perfect for any business.

Ideal for a growing company with multiple sites or branches as you can add to it very cost effectively.

Working from home, office or on the move, all users share the same system in the cloud wherever you are located.

With a 30 day customer friendly agreement, backed up with 5* Google reviews you’re in safe hands.

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Other services to help boost your business

On hold marketing

Our on hold messaging productions enhance your professional image, improve caller communications and create valuable cross-selling opportunities – giving you a sound that perfectly captures your personality. And by making audio part of your identity, you’ll add a valuable new facet to your brand.

Call management

A virtual PBX allows even a sole trader to have the benefits of a call management system which allows users benefits such as diverting calls from a landline number to a mobile, or diverting calls to a home office, or forwarding calls from any of our numbers to a mobile.

Call recording

Call recording software enables you to record telephone conversations either over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over IP) in a digital audio file format. It also provides you with the ability to retrieve, playback, store and share call recordings.

Web conferencing

Web conferencing is an online service by which you can hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations and trainings via the internet particularly on TCP/IP connections. You can connect to the conference either by telephone or using your computer’s speakers and microphone through a VoIP connection.

Live chat

Most websites have a 20 – 40% bounce rate. That’s a lot of missed potential. With our integrated live chat feature your website and Facebook page visitors are able to start a chat or call in real-time. Your agents can answer them immediately from their web client or app. If chat is not enough, they can switch to a call or video in a single click.

PC integrations

Make calls, view the status of colleagues, chat, schedule a video conference and check voicemail from your desktop. Need to create an ad-hoc web meeting? Simply click on the WebMeeting icon in the bottom menu to open up your WebMeeting room.


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