Cloud Backup

By combining enterprise-class technology with outstanding support and customer service, BackupVault can take the stress out of protecting your data.

Cloud backup is the process of protecting your organisation’s data by encrypting information and sending it over the internet to a secure offsite server.

Backing up to the cloud mitigates the risk of onsite threats like fire, flood, hardware issues, user error and most commonly now – ransomware.

Our service involves installing a small piece of backup software on your computer or server which sends your data securely, via an internet connection to our secure UK data centre. This is performed automatically each day or as many times as you wish.

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Enhanced Protection

Over 50% of UK businesses are at risk by not securing their data. Backup and recovery has become a necessity.

Future-proof technology

We keep a close eye on the latest emerging technologies and innovations, to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Our Support

24/7 support from Merlin's UK-based team, unbeatable SLAs and fast response times.


Working across a spectrum of businesses we understand what is important to you, and how to tailor products to meet your needs.

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We’ll work with you to ensure you always have access to the latest, proven emerging technologies from leading suppliers.


Our product options ensure solutions are optimised, to enable you to connect and recover your data with confidence.


We deliver first class customer service, teamed with honest consultations and advice


We ensure that your new services are delivered as quickly as possible for a seamless transition process


Through leading manufacturers, we supply flexible and innovative tailor-made system solutions


We always offer proactive and reassuring support teamed with honest consultations and advice