Headsets for Home or Office – How to Choose

During Covid-19, commercial grade headsets have been selling like hotcakes. So, with headsets for home or office becoming a vital tool, we thought a quick guide would be helpful.

With so many of us working from home, it’s been necessary to hold conference calls in our lounges or spare rooms and also have the flexibility of being able to work handsfree.

It’s been so important to continue working whilst retaining a professional image. If you have your headset on it can be a signal to others that you are “at work” and mustn’t be distracted. It also helps cut out those domestic noises that can’t be helped, such as the washing machine whirring or children playing.

Things to consider before buying a telephone headset

Wireless or Wired?

Basically, do you like to move around or stay fixed at your desk?

At home, you probably require the freedom to move around, especially if there are others in the house i.e. dogs and children!

Wireless gives you the flexibility of being able to talk and walk to gain access to files and papers not immediately to hand. You can also pick up calls when you are away from your desk and thus eliminating missed calls. Wireless headsets have a good battery life and ranges of up to 60 – 80 feet.

However, your office situation might require you to stay firmly put during your working hours. Wired headphones are generally cheaper which might help your decision. If you use wireless at home and wired in the office, just remember where you are – it’s easy to forget and walk away from the desk taking the wired headset connection with you!

And if you suffer from neck problems then any type of headset is an excellent idea, as it avoids that awkward cribbing of the handset between your shoulder and ear.

Do you need monaural or binaural or noise cancelling?

The choice is down to how you work.

Do you need to be able to interact with colleagues whilst you are on the phone? Maybe to take instructions or ask their advice? In this case, monaural or over one ear would work well. Binaural covers both ears which is favourite if you want to reduce the noise from others in the background and noise cancelling, means exactly that – really cuts out the background noise so that you can fully concentrate on your conversation. Especially good in a call centre environment.

What sort of style do I like?

A couple of options here. Either a band which fits over your head or a simple plastic device that fits over your ear. Depends on comfort and your personal preference. The good thing is that headsets often come with both type, so you can try the options out.

New or Refurbished?

Many companies now provide lower cost refurbished headsets, just check that they come with a 12 month guarantee. You can of course, buy additional new components such as ear shields and buds. Therefore, saving you money and better for the environment.

Top makes include:- Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser and Polycom.

So in conclusion, headsets for home or office, are really worth investing in as a telephony essential.

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!