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Merlin’s Telecom Systems are rich with features and offer endless possibilities.

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Old Telephone System

The great thing about our system is that it can be completely tailored to suit your requirements right now and can be easily changed to suit your needs in the future. No slow and expensive upgrades and no expensive additional equipment, just extra handsets, that incidentally, come with a lifetime guarantee!

Multi Site?

Our telecom solutions mean that it spreads over your entire network of offices wherever they are situated in the UK. Whether you have one or two branches, or are a nationwide company with 100’s of sites.
We can totally support you whether your staff work in the office or work from home or on the move. All calls are free between sites too.

Who needs a Handset?

If you are working from home or your job involves moving from location to location, no worries.  Use your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC, we offer software based solutions to fit your exact employee requirements. 

Integrate our Phone System with Microsoft Teams

For total collaboration across your business, you can integrate several communication methods to boost productivity.


With the big 2025 ISDN switch off looming, make sure your phone system is totally future proof and using the latest technology.

How would you like to:-
Use our live reporting tool to analyse all inbound and outbound data to establish:-

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Save Money

Make sure you have the right number of lines and that they are being used effectively to get the best return.

Future-proof Technology

We keep a close eye on the latest emerging technologies and innovations, to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Our Support

24/7 support from Merlin's UK-based team, unbeatable SLAs and fast response times.

Best Solution

Choose solutions that suit your business. We’ll never give you an option that’s not fit for purpose or future-proofed for tomorrow.

Grow With Us

Changing needs can always be catered to. Whether scaling up or scaling down, hosted phones help businesses get there.


Our Quality of Service options ensure your network is optimised, to streamline data traffic and reduce packet loss.


We deliver first class customer service, teamed with honest consultations and advice


We ensure that your new services are delivered as quickly as possible for a seamless transition process


Through leading manufacturers, we supply flexible and innovative tailor-made system solutions


We always offer proactive and reassuring support teamed with honest consultations and advice