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Managed IT

At Merlin, we accept that we have a huge responsibility to deliver to our clients a reliable, efficient and high quality Managed IT Support service. Our clients choose us because we deliver that type of IT Support service and we are always looking for ways to improve.

We pride ourselves on being able to work across all industry sectors. Our clients are from professional services, manufacturing, transportation, printing, charities and many more industries. For these clients we deliver a fully Managed IT Support service which means that they can focus on their day job, leaving everything to do with IT to us, the IT support specialists.

Merlin can provide fully outsourced Managed IT Support where we maintain, problem solve, upgrade IT systems and provide user support desk services.

In most cases we are automatically informed should any issues arise, and can address them before you are aware they even existed.

Long contracts can be a pain. They can be tough for the client to get out of and they can make the IT support company complacent and nobody wants that. That’s why our basic and Premium contracts are just a Minimum 3 Months thereafter 1 Month Rolling. This ensures that, as our customer, you’ll stay with us, not because you’re tied into a long contract, but because of the quality of service you’re getting. Short contracts are long on value.

However, our Platinum contracts are 12 months. Why’s that? It’s because we offer so much more in those contracts. On Platinum for example, you get full hardware and software installation. Now, if we did that, and you left us after one month, we’d be pretty much out of pocket. That said, if you want Platinum service without the new hardware and software rollouts, then, no worries we can be flexible about our contract terms.

  • Basic: Minimum 3 Month thereafter 1 Month Rolling
  • Premium: Minimum 3 Month thereafter 1 Month Rolling
  • Platinum: 12 months.

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