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Business Broadband

At Merlin Telecoms we understand how important the internet is to keep your business running smoothly and we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and customer service to ensure this.

Benefit from high speed and consistently reliable data connectivity with

  • Download speeds up to 24Mbps*.
  • Great value cost effective business broadband.
  • With a range of packages designed to give you the flexibility to grow.

Our business data services provides instant high-speed internet accessible to multiple users on office networks with a low contention “always-on” connection, because staying connected is vital for your business. We also provide a priority support service should there be any downtime.

ADSL is a widely available asymmetrical broadband service, capable of delivering bandwidth up to 24Mb*, over existing telephone lines.

ADSL Broadband

  • Up to 24Mbps download*
  • Up to 2.5Mbps upload*
  • Prioritised traffic
  • Quality of service for Voice over IP (VoIP)

SDSL is a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line – this means you get the same speed when uploading or downloading. For example a 2Mbps SDSL line will provide you with 2Mbps upload and 2Mbps download. SDSL operates over a dedicated copper line which is installed in your business premises.

SDSL Broadband

  • Up to 2Mbps upload/download*
  • 1:1 contention ratios
  • Prioritised traffic
  • Easy installation

Merlin Telecom Data Services will guarantee to reliably support your business with a highly competitive service, whether you’re a small growing enterprise or a larger established business.

So call free on 0800 877 8810 for a free quote and see what is available in your area.


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