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Data Solutions

Merlin Telecom’s data services portfolio provides your business with a connection you can completely rely on, with unique options such as traffic prioritisation and guaranteed prioritised bandwidth.

With the increased reliance on broadband connections, speed and resilience has never been more important to your business. All our connections are supported by our market leading customer service package and can be upgraded to meet your growing or changing business demands, such as employing home workers that rely on uninterrupted broadband services or connecting to other sites.

By leveraging the most connected next generation IP-based network in the UK, you can benefit from the most resilient broadband around with superfast speeds and a wide range of business-focussed services that other providers simply can’t match. With almost 2000 exchanges across the UK, we can connect sites in the same area, as well as remote sites across the UK where other providers can’t, simply because they don’t have our reach.

Merlin Telecom data services will guarantee to reliably support your business with a highly competitive service, whether you’re a small growing enterprise or a larger established business.


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