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Cloud Backup

Merlin Telecoms Cloud Backup is a secure, UK based, offsite backup and recovery solution for your critical data. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike when you can protect your critical data today.

  • Daily, completely automatic backup of your critical data
  • Quick and easy software to setup
  • Your data is protected by a 256bit AES encryption key that only you know
  • Your data is encrypted during transfer and remains encrypted when at rest
  • Your data is held in two UK based datacentres
  • 24-hour UK based technical support
  • Recover your data easily from ransomware viruses

Multiple Operating System Support
Support for Windows, Mac and Linux (including CLI only) operating systems. Hyper-V and VMware guest protection are also supported.

Rapid Backup and Restores
Merlin Telecoms new ESE client is proven to be the fastest commercial backup solution currently available.
Third party tests show it is at least 3 times faster than its closest competitor.
The efficient indexing engine in the ESE client rapidly scans data and only sends new and “changed parts of existing files”, saving considerable time and bandwidth.
Millions of files and large databases can be backed up in minutes.

Database Support
We support the backup and recovery of all common databases such as MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres and Capita SIMS. Other less common databases can be backed up using our custom script plugin. We can also backup all major NAS drives and network shares.

Enterprise Grade Reporting
Merlin Telecoms Cloud Backup features an enterprise grade reporting application. Reports can be scheduled to be delivered daily by email or run manually for complete peace of mind. Merlin Telecoms can also customise reports should this be required.

Instant Data Disaster Recovery
Run disaster recovery tests with ease using our new Instant Data feature. Instantly present backed up data to a virtual drive, allowing for direct access to critical data when required.

Long Term Retention
By default, users can restore between 30-60 days of backup.
This retention period can be customised and increased if required. Financial and legal data is routinely required to be retained for up to 7 years.

Snapshot Backups and Recovery
For large data sets or slow internet connections users can perform backups to a USB disk. The USB disk can then be imported directly into our datacentre. We can also offer the reverse feature for recovery if requested.


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