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Why Choose Merlin

Wanting to deliver telecoms in a far more customer focused manner, Merlin Telecommunications was formed in 2007.

Fed up with hearing stories about the way some telecom providers were treating their customers, Merlin decided it was time to shake things up and do things just a little bit differently. We had a vision!
Some of our main aims were:-

  • Get rid of really difficult tariffs and pricing packages that no one understands.
  • Abolish tying customers into long contracts, with crippling exit penalties if you want to move earlier.
  • Deliver market beating prices and ABOVE ALL….
  • Provide the very best, customer friendly service we can.

One of our Directors, felt so passionate about revealing sharp practice by telecom companies and their pricing strategies, he even wrote a book about it!

We also didn’t want to tie anyone to us. We felt that if we didn’t deliver an exceptional service then we wouldn’t deserve to keep our clients.

This is where our pioneering 30 day customer agreement came into play.

Finally, our clients tell us on a regular basis that they haven’t experienced customer service quite like it before! Being responsive and agile, we really do perform so much better than the industry giants.

We remain refreshingly different!

Our main focus is providing businesses with quality telecommunication services and products, specifically tailored for their business needs with outstanding technical support every hour of the day.

Some reasons to choose Merlin Telecommunications………

  1. Our customers tell us they like us because we’re different.
    We’re easy to talk to, knowledgeable and get things done quickly.
    We treat customers as we’d like to be treated ourselves and respect their businesses as much as our own.
  2. Objective and impartial, we always act in our clients best interests, not our own.
    We’re honest and we don’t demand expensive, long contracts.
    Our 30 day agreement gives you the greatest flexibility.
  3. We really do go the extra mile, if we can’t offer a service ourselves, we’ll assist in finding someone that can.
    We guarantee to beat any price on a like for like product – we get results quicker than our industry-giant competitors.

And we are one of the first telecommunications providers to have our customers managed via the BT Openreach’s Wholesale Line Rental 3 (WLR3) platform.

This technology allows us to effectively automate our systems, providing customers with a robust, efficient and cost effective service and, because we provide these services, we are fully regulated by Ofcom and we are also a member of the Office of Telecommunications Ombudsman (OTELO) both of which are set up to protect your interests.

We are also members of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS).


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