"Is your practice using big-brand telecoms to connect with your customers?"


Then you really need to know this – it’s a big cost saver…
You could be paying an unnecessary premium for your telecoms…

Here’s what happens…

Big brands tie you in so you have no choice, their profits are delivered through long contracts which commit you to paying a certain figure for the duration. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Merlin Telecom is a team of senior telecoms specialists with decades of experience in the industry. Fed up with the standard industry practice, poor service and high prices, we decided to do things very differently.

Through the same infrastructure that everyone else accesses, we provide best technology at best prices, passing savings on and with no long contract.

You have a 100% reliable 30 day agreement, which puts YOU in control.

Our mission is to deliver World Class customer service and after care.

We’re trusted and specialise in telecoms to business, professional and business professionals.

Most Practices don’t shop around for utilities or regularly review their arrangements. – tending to trust the big brands. The big brands know this, and so they get away with unsuitable contracts, over-charging, under-serving or worse, both…

We’ve recently shown that prices can be inflated by as much as a staggering 80% in some cases. That’s sometimes £000’s that could be saved EVERY YEAR.

  • • Big profits are built into big brand names
  • • You can access reduced costs and better service
  • • You can be saving £1800 annually based on average billing.

“Prevent Unnecessary Losses Each Month”

What do I have to do to see how my Practice could save?

Call us on 0800 877 8810 or complete the form at the top.

We'll evaluate:

  • • What your Practice’s specific needs are to make sure you’re not over provided for – this is common
  • • Your specific business processes to help you optimise efficiency
  • • How to enhance productivity and maximise savings

We deliver process improvements which deliver benefits over and above cost savings, then show you how this could be adapted to give equivalent or often better for reduced cost.

There’s absolutely no risk, simply call us on 0800 877 8810 for a no obligation review and we’ll explain how your Practice can make savings.

Here’s a taster of Vet feedback . Click a link to read more:

VPMA Member Commitment

As members of VPMA you will be entitled to an extra 10% off normal rates.

Choose to make the extra saving for your business or Donate the extra 10% saving to RSPCA, PDSA or Blue Cross.

VPMA will make quarterly donations to the nominated charity.

Why Businesses use Merlin

Our customers tell us they like us because we’re totally honest & transparent: We make telecoms easier, & more efficient. You can benefit in many ways by finding out what the Telecoms giants don’t want you to know about costs & infrastructure. We are the good guys in the telecoms industry, with decent, honest values to help businesses like yours.
Objective and impartial, we always act in our clients best interests, not ours. We’ll help you see where you’re paying for what you don’t need, show you more flexible alternatives, which are probably much less expensive (we’ve saved some businesses up to 70%) & more how the latest telecoms can be more client-focussed for your Practice.
We really do go the extra mile - Switching to us is totally risk free. Client agreements are just 30 days & our customers stay because they’re happy & they get great value and service, not because they’re obliged by a contract.
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