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Ethernet First Mile

Merlin Telecom’s Ethernet First Mile products give you the reliability and connection speeds that you need for today’s demanding business applications. Merlin’s EFM products have business class service levels which aim to fix faults within 6 hours giving you the peace of mind that you need to allow you to concentrate on what you do.

With speeds of up to 20Mbps EFM provides the extra downstream speeds over normal business broadband services. Another advantage of EFM is that upstream and downstream speeds are symmetrical and gives you the same speeds when uploading and downloading.

EFM is provided over two or four copper pairs and therefore, apart from a speed choice it also gives you the choice of having a more robust connection. The Merlin Telecom EFM service assures you of business continuity in the unlikely event of a crisis, because should one copper pair fail, the service will continue on the other providing connection over the network.

Merlin Telecom Data Services will guarantee to reliably support your business with a highly competitive servce, whether you're a small growing enterprise or a larger established business.

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