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Business Lines and Calls services

Wide choice

Single analogue line - a single phone line and number.

Multiple auxiliary analogue lines - connect an analogue phone system using one main shared phone number and a number of additional lines to manage capacity.

ISDN2 - ideal if you require capacity for 2 – 6 simultaneous external voice/data calls using 1 – 3 lines

ISDN30 - great for organisations requiring capacity for 8 or more external voice/data calls at the same time

Voice over Ethernet (using SIP technology) – a cost efficient and flexible alternative to ISDN channels

Leased Lines - High speed, guaranteed secure bandwidth for voice, data, video and critical IT applications between any 2 sites

Cuts your costs

With flexible tariff structures, competitive low cost call rates and line rental charges for both analogue and digital lines, we can deliver substantial savings to your business.

Totally reliable

With tried and tested technology we can provide total call clarity and dependability via a resilient network.

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