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"Merlin Telecom provide better service and better value"

Derwent Buyers Group

Derwent Buyers Group are a professional agricultural buying organisation based in North Yorkshire, enabling farmers to benefit from negotiated volume discounts on a wide range of farming supplies such as seeds and agro-chemicals.

After experiencing difficulties with the telecoms supplier, who was fond of using unhelpful, highly technical jargon to complicate discussions, they asked Merlin Telecom to help them establish precisely the best systems for the business.

Kate Keyworth explains “the difference between the two telecoms businesses could not be any greater. Merlin Telecom speak our language and actually listened to what we wanted. I was impressed with the way that Merlin Telecom provided honest, sound advice and especially that they did not sell us anything that we did not need.

Derwent Buyers Group now has a system that works reliably and does exactly what’s needed, whilst saving money.

Kate adds “I was also very happy with the way that Merlin Telecom undertook post transfer audits to make sure that we did not get over charged by our previous supplier, just one of those hidden “at no extra cost” services that I have found very useful. I highly recommend every business to speak with Merlin Telecom to see what they can do”.