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Case Studies

Leadership Factor

The Leadership Factor based in Huddersfield are market leading specialists in customer satisfaction and loyalty research. They conduct research to measure consumer attitudinal responses to products and services and manage a sophisticated call centre operation, working with many of the UK’s leading brands.


Derwent Buyers Group

Derwent Buyers Group are a professional agricultural buying organisation based in North Yorkshire, enabling farmers to benefit from negotiated volume discounts on a wide range of farming supplies such as seeds and agro-chemicals. Flexible, effective telecoms mean they can pass on the best prices to members.


Geoffrey Parker Bourne

Over the last 40 years, Geoffrey Parker Bourne have established an enviable reputation as a Legal Debt Collection Solicitors specialising in both commercial and Consumer Debt Recovery. They are founder members of both the Claims Production Centre (CPC) and the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC).


Positive Accountants

Positive Accountants are “Chartered Accountants with the right Attitude”, providing an accountancy service that is more than – “show us your books, there’s your accounts, and here is your bill”, as they provide a full accountancy support service throughout the year which is well above the norm.

James Martin, Monkey Puzzle Computers

– Merlin Telecom have really easy processes and admin, so you know exactly what’s what. They give great impartial advice and have really reliable products.

Gary Cooper, Hyde Park Partnership

– Merlin Telecom are really responsive and we’d recommend them to anyone because they offer a really good all-round system and service

Paul Curtis, Derbyshires

- Merlin Telecom are great because you can always get through to someone who can help really quickly. The 30 day agreement means that we have flexibility to grow and adapt the services as our business changes.

James Bellamy, Modulex Systems – Merlin Telecom provide a really excellent level of friendly customer service.
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Jane Snee, Business Data Prospects - Merlin Telecom provide an excellent personal service and are consistent in providing immediate response to issues and training requirements. Always friendly and trustworthy, they are brilliant at answering questions honestly with no hidden agenda. Video.
Caroline Moody, Ancasta – "excellent and a really trustworthy service provider"

Telephony Consultancy

Merlin Telecom provide a free audit of your communications systems and provide you with a money-saving quote, whatever the size of your business.

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