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Telecoms Partners

If you want the best service at the best price, that’s exactly what you’ll get from the team at Merlin Telecom. We understand that you want professional, rapid service and that’s just what you’ll experience. We keep our promises to always deliver the quickest response, the best service and best value for money.

Whether you’re a large multinational or a much smaller team, Merlin Telecom can provide exactly the service you need.

We’re not tied to any service providers and this means that we can always offer the best range of telecoms services at the very best prices. We believe in passing on any savings to you in the process so that you always receive great value for money.


Telecoms Solutions

Our flexibility and range of services is designed to help businesses who want an honest approach to telecoms, whether it’s complex multi channel ISDN or single user systems designed to combine landline and mobile , allowing you to ccess your messages and business communications on the move.

We can provide bespoke solutions which are better value than any of our competitors, whilst accessing the same infrastructure to ensure reliability of service. We have a price policy which is based on providing the very best value for the latest technology, which is why we’d love to show you what we can do for your business – whatever the size.


24/7 Telecoms Support

We provide 24-7 cover, so you’re never left without support or emergency back-up

With priority call logging and response, we provide an emergency service whenever there is a risk of business communication failure. Non-critical out of hours faults are logged and given priority the next working day.

90% of our fault repairs are successfully resolved over the phone in the first phone call, and if not, usually completed within hours?

Our commitment to service is genuine. With freedom to move if you wish, there’s no long fixed contract, just a 30 day agreement

Risk free trial for 30 days….!


What our Clients Say

It’s not very often that claims of great service get genuinely tested, but they were when we reported a critical ISDN fault at 5:30 pm on a Friday. We were very impressed by the way Merlin Telecom resolved this, communicating with us every 30 minutes or so, until full service was resumed by 7:00pm. Fantastic!

Geoffrey Parker Bourne (Warwickshire)

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Dedicated to Customer Service

  • The Merlin Telecom team have many years’ experience in the telecoms industry with established major brands. Having previously experienced first-hand the frustration of long contracts, high prices and we think, sadly lacking customer care, we’ve created a refreshingly different kind of telecoms business with a new philosophy to put customers firmly in control.
  • We provide rapid access to real engineers and expert technical advisers who can resolve issues urgently. All our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards and our systems mean you can get in touch with an expert quickly and easily.
  • We know how critical your communication systems are and we ensure you’re always supported so maintain optimum performance. Great service is what we’re all about and you can trust us to deliver.

Welcome to Merlin Telecom

We hope you’ll find us the friendliest and most effective telecoms provider you’ve ever had.

The team at Merlin Telecom are always here to help and we pride ourselves on great service.

We know how important communications are to your business and we’re here to look after your every telecoms and broadband need, ensuring you receive:

• the most reliable service at all times • the most competitive price for the service you use • relevant, helpful information and updates • the very best customer care in the industry

Our customers stay with us because they’re happy.